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But only looking at carbon dioxide emissions doesn't give us the total for all greenhouse gases.

In chronological order, they were, centre left: Anglo Engraving Co.Ltd, Farringdon Street, London, where the firm occupied the 'shop' with a room or two at the back; top right: Anglo Engraving Co.Ltd, Raynes Park; centre and centre right: The Sun Engraving Co.Dorothy Greenhill (left), an unidentified co-worker, and Annette Greenhill take a break on the rooftop of the Sun Engraving Co. On the page opposite, Sun Engraving offers customers 'Designs and process blocks; line, half-tone; two, three and four colour. Reproductions by photogravure (one and two sided).' (Greenhill archives) Photo In the Warehouse, c.1919.The two women in work smocks are looking over an issue of The Sphere. This Sun Engraving promotional piece reproduces on its cover a J. Shepherd illustration whose reproduction is, according to the text, 'wonderfully true to the original. This photo comes from a promotional brochure published shortly after Sun Engraving moved to Watford.

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